Simple and efficient: the ISARIA system.

To remain fit for the future in agriculture, there is no way around smart farming. The ISARIA system supplies the crop with what it really needs and paves the way to digital agriculture.

The ISARIA system.

The right solution - for every application.

Sustainable and digital.

This is how the measurement with the ISARIA Plant Sensor works.

Our success stories.

ISARIA in everyday use.

I have extensively tested all common sensor systems on my farm. The ISARIA fully convinced me due to the exact measuring accuracy and the independence from sunlight and rain. Therefore, I now also use it for desiccation of potato crops. I could only determine measurably higher yields with the ISARIA, I no longer use anything else.

Jacob van den BorneVan Den Borne Aardappelen, Netherlands

We run a farm in the Hallertau region with around 400 hectares of arable land, animal husbandry and our own biogas plant. Because we fall very much into the red area according to the new fertilizer ordinance, we decided to invest in site-specific fertilization to increase the efficiency of nitrogen. With an ISARIA plant sensor in combination with our slurry barrel plus NIR sensor, we have the possibility to apply nutrients even more efficiently on our fields. We have been working with yield potential maps for three years now. The combination of yield potential maps and ISARIA plant sensor has proven itself to us. With the maps I can see the history of the last years and with the help of the ISARIA sensor the current situation.

Josef HöckmeierHallertau, Germany