Innovative plant sensors that optimize costs and efficiency in relation to nitrogen fertilization.


At ISARIA, we support farmers on their way into the future and offer ecological and economic solutions for every size of business. Together, we find the best ways in each case to successfully master the challenges in the areas of fertilization, crop protection and sustainability.

We are your trustworthy partner on the road to modern agriculture. #FutureForFarming

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ISARIA digital farming
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Continuous improvement through Smart Farming

In a world of continuous digitalization, it is essential to adapt continuously and efficiently. We put Smart Farming at the center of our activities, as we are certain that it is the key driver for your future competitiveness.

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Increased productivity for farmers

The location-specific fertilization greatly reduces the risk of over- and under-fertilization, which can lead to production loss. Through optimizing the costs of fertilization, farmers can achieve higher economic profitability.

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Environmental protection

ISARIA solutions ensure that fertilizers are applied in the right place and only in the amount required by the plant. Location-specific fertilization reduces the risk of over-fertilization and resource-wasting. Consequently, the use of plant sensors results in more efficient fertilization and protects the environment.

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ISARIA plant sensors are ultra-precise detection tools that are to be combined with innovative know-how in plant production. All sensors are compatible with ISOBUS standards.

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